Random List

Crazy awesome list of random things…
1. Try and make babies. It’s ok to fail.
2. Stay away from all things ginger.
3. Punch random midgets in the kneecap.
4. Don’t laugh while attempting #3.
5. Get a twitter account.
6. Facebook is getting old. Reminds me of Myspace. Go do #5.
7. If your parents are awesome, tell them.
8. Help friends out who help you. Screw the lazy ones. Unless they are a good friend. Then its ok.
9. Road rage is cool. Unless it involves an elderly person. Give them a break.
10. Don’t buy someone a beer. Because beer is gross. Get them a Pepsi.
11. Number your socks. Or buy a ton of GPS trackers and tag them. The Sock Monster does exist. This will be proof.
12. Don’t talk in the car while your friend is ordering Taco Bell. 13. Sarah Palin is a joke. This is true. Just read her quotes.
14. True Blood is probably the greatest tv show ever. Want proof? It’s got more fags than Twilight but it’s not gay.
15. President Obama is really not that bad. I didn’t vote for him and I now regret it. Get off the tv and actually look into things. Once you do that, you may think differently of him. But Haters gonna Hate regardless.
16. Way too many religions exist in the world. It’s about time they get together and create a mega religion. Kinda like when all the Marvel Comic character’s united and joined forces. #Powerhouse 17. Repeat #7.
18. Go watch the next Avenged Sevenfold concert in Ohio. Do it. You will be amazed. Even if you are a hater.
19. Life on earth needs to be cherished. Never forget this is your only stab at it.
20. Have you ever wondered what the sperm from a Sperm Whale tastes like?
21. Find someone who believes in Dinosaurs and then ask them if they believe in the Bible. If they say yes then get ready for an awkward moment.
22. Dreams will come true. As long as you keep them semi-real. 23. Google is the greatest thing on the internet. My blog is a close 2nd .
24. The next time someone texts you a basic question about anything that’s not personal. Text back “Google”
25. Now you see why #23 is true. 26. Don’t hate gays. They don’t hate straights.
27. Gas prices will always suck. You will always buy gas. Stop complaining.
28. Watch South Park. Laughing only makes life better.
29. Petition for HGTV to be removed.
30. Never forget how big the Universe is and how small and insignificant you are in comparison.
31. Have I mentioned how great Twitter is???
32. Speaking of great… You DO have Netflix?? Right???
33. Don’t bitch about people helping out the needy in 3rd world countries instead of America. Because more than likely you are doing neither.
34. Would Unicorns be real if millions of people believed in them?
35. Finally, this is my list of randomness. Don’t hate it. Don’t like it. But thanks for reading it

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