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Sports Rant
This is my take on the OSU fiasco.
Most of you know that I am a Michigan fan. With that being said, I am not sitting back laughing at OSU right now. Remember the average Michigan fan isn’t on the same dumbshit brainwashed level as the average OSU fan. Want proof? Go back and look at Facebook about a year ago. Back when USC was in trouble. What did I have to say? Nothing. But Facebook was on fire with all of the comments that the average dumbshit brainwashed OSU fans were saying. Then again that is what most sore losers do. Recently USC beat Michigan pretty bad in 2 Rose Bowl games. Sure it sucked to lose, but it happens. But then USC beat OSU in 2 regular season games and those fucktard OSU fans just can’t seem to let that go. So of course they activate there soreloserness and jump on USC when they had the chance. Bravo dipshits. Bravo. Wow you sure look pretty dumb now that your team was doing the same thing as them. Haha. I love it. Moving on…

I actually feel bad for Jim Tressel. And holy shit I never thought I would say that. He has done nothing but whip my school just about every year. Half of his wins against us have been by less than a touchdown. But the most recent ones are the easiest to remember. And they have been ugly. If he would have stayed as coach, eventually the tides would have turned. It’s been that way for a hundred years. But I don’t like to argue “If” topics. Sadly most sports fans do. Maybe it makes them feel better??
Now why do I feel bad?
Lets see here…

1. When it came to the rules, he didn’t “play by the book.” And that’s fine by me. News flash: the top college programs do the same things. They are in a system that is against them. In order to succeed, they have to go outside the box. I do not fault them. I blame the NCAA. So Tress did what was needed. I do think he recruited a couple too many “thug” players. But that really isn’t anything to complain about.

2. He was a great coach who brought a high level of competition to the Big 10. He quickly became the King of the Hill and he dethroned himself. That’s some high quality shit right there.

3. During his reign, there really wasn’t anything to rag on him about. Sure I found ways to pick at OSU when they got blown the f out twice in those Nat Champ games. But lets keep this shit semi real. I was rooting for the Bucks both times. I always go for the Big 10. Even for my arch nemesis. I really don’t hate OSU. Seriously I don’t. I love the rivalry and I root for them all the time. Except when that one Saturday rolls around in November. His teams won every year. OSU always played in a top bowl game and won most of them. He turned out a bunch of high quality 1 st and 2 nd round picks in the NFL. And he dominated the undisputed greatest college football team of all time. How many other OSU coaches can say that?

4. And finally… He did nothing wrong. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Now I won’t be lame like most OSU fans and say well every other team does it so blah blah blah. While this is true, it doesn’t matter at the fact at hand. OSU lost a great coach. It will be a blow to the University. It will tarnish some of those great years. It will make the rest of the nation laugh. Just because other teams are doing it and not getting caught (yet) doesn’t make it better for OSU. So give that argument up. I probably should look more into the whole subject, but I believe the “worst” thing Tress might have done was hide those emails. But seriously that just shows how fucked up this world can be. He caught wind that a couple players may be receiving illegal benefits. He felt he should protect them. I don’t see any wrong with that. Sure the NCAA does, but fuck those pricks. They think it’s cool for these athletes to bring in millions upon millions, repeat, millions upon millions but not give them some side money to help them through these 4 broke ass years that they go through.

The Tressel era shouldn’t have ended this quickly. He easily had 10-15 years left. Who know he may have been the next Joe Pa. I love sports and I love competition and Tressel was clearly the man at OSU. I really will hate to see him go. Hopefully the next coach they hire is more like him and less like Rich Rod.

Paging Urban Meyer..

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