Our Muslim Leader


Back to the blog. Finally.
Good news people. Our President isn’t a Muslim. Yay. Cool. Super. Awesome. More like Blah. What the hell is wrong with people. Look I love conspiracy theories, probably more than the next guy. I might even believe a couple. I didn’t even vote for Obama. Yet still I never had a thought that he wasn’t an American. How sad is it that with what this country is currently going through, he was basically forced to provide a document proving this. It’s pathetic. And it makes all of you dumb shits who went along with this (then again, these are probably the same people who don’t believe in Global Warming) almost Westboro Baptist Crazy. That’s not a good comparison.

Now you have Donald “Are you fucking serious? You might actually run for president?” Trump claiming he was the reason that the White House finally provided the long-form birth certificate. That’s just so cool Donald. I guess it’s good that you claim victory on this worthless subject. Because when it comes to politics, it’s the only thing you’ll ever “win” at.

Obama said it best “The country does not have time for the “distraction” and “silliness” of the issue.” I guess we do. Sure gas prices suck, but I need proof of this here birth certificate before we can discuss anything else.

Speaking of gas prices. Just a quick fyi….The President doesn’t control the gas price. I know, this should be common sense. But sadly most people lack this. Have you ever heard of OPEC? If the answer is no, then please do yourself a favor and just pump gas and never blame anyone again. Well what about foreign policy? Well what about it? Still doesn’t control the price.

Here is the breakdown for a dollar of gas according the the US Department of Energy. Taxes get 13 cents (State and Federal). Distributing and Marketing get 8 cents. Refining gets 14 cents. Crude oil gets 65 cents. Crude oil is the meat and potatoes, and it’s controlled by OPEC. Our federal tax on gas is much lower than most countries. So it doesn’t make much sense to blame that.

I’ll be back, hopefully sooner than later.

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