Rant v1


This will be a new type of blog for me. I’ll be ranting. Giving my worthless opinion the whole time. Hopefully all goes well and I can do one of these a week. Time to rant…
Westboro Baptist Church –Wow these people impress me with there non stop stupidity. Homer Simpson should be the leader of the pack. That would make sense. Google them if somehow you have never heard of these dipshits. They pretty much don’t like anyone. Especially gays. Because gay people are clearly so evil… They claim that God hates gays. Really? I don’t remember reading this in the bible. Do you? But you can check out Deuteronomy 22:13-21. That section of the bible advises you to stone your wife at your doorstep if she had sex before marriage. Thank gosh people don’t abide by that bible law. America would be an empty country. I guess God did intend for people to pick and choose what parts of the bible they should obey… ( I see you hiding Old Testament 😉
Back to Westboro. They specialize in picketing. Even Funerals. Really? Nothing like having your teenage child beaten to death because he was gay, now you have to put up with these morons outside the funeral home. Life is grand isn’t it. Thankfully a couple of states have banned picketing at a funeral within 500 feet. Why this ban isn’t nationwide is beyond me. And don’t give me the whole freedom of speech bullshit. That wasn’t the purpose of it. Go ahead of the tell the President that he is a dick eating ball smacker to his face.. See what happens. Oh and plead freedom of speech… Instead states are more concerned about banning the teaching of science in schools. Really? Let’s not let the children learn factual truth, nah that’s just silly. Instead lets make it ok for them to walk home from school and see the dumbshits picketing about gays. Yeah that will make them so much smarter… The news today says that they are planning on picketing at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral. I guess because she had gay friends and she donated a couple million dollars to an Aids foundation. Yeah God hates this person. How dare she choose to not judge, as God told her to. How dare she donate money to help save people. Now let’s go and make her family feel like even more shit by picketing at her funeral. Well done Westboro, well done…

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