Hello all. Here are some quick tidbits of info about my upcoming blogs… First and foremost, they are going to be awesome. They might ruffle some feathers, but it will be ok. Life goes on. If I happen to offend you, sorry, now get over it. As I always say, these are just my thoughtless opinions. Nothing more. You also have opinions 🙂 I just happen to blog about mine. Ready.Set.Blog.
The worst part about having at least 1000 countless thoughts in this mega smart brain of mine is picking a couple out to blog about. I compare it to the invasion of an egg after I release my baby Einsteins. Sure at the end of the day, only one wins. But its not like the others weren’t worthy of discussion. They probably would have been a great kid, or a re-re (or maybe that’s why they didn’t make it). Regardless, they will not be forgotten.
Lets start with people who complain. I must say it is perfectly fine to complain. Hell I even complain sometimes, though I try not to. Complaining is like praying. Seriously, lets compare the two. I’ll start with praying. Now just in case anyone is wondering, I have easily prayed thousands of times. And for thousands of different things. I can honestly say that maybe, and I mean maybe 5 prayers have been “answered.” What’s that you say? “You must be praying for the wrong things then?” Well I guess I have never read the damn Prayer Rule Book. That could be the reason for my less than stellar .005% prayer success rate. Then again, I thought that praying for a family member to get healthy was in the handbook. Now back to complaining. Here is an example: Everyone knows someone who complains about people having more money than them and or not having enough money. Keep complaining because it’s not going to change the fact at hand. Nor will praying. So yeah, they are kinda the same thing: Pointless. If you want more money, get a better job or a second job. Learn to save and manage money. They more than likely have money because they are able to do this. Maybe rob a bank. Not recommended, but if done right, will bring you closer to your goal. Another example. People complaining about the weather. Sure keep bitching, the snow will melt faster. I’m sure it will work. Maybe a quick prayer to lower the heat index. Nah, don’t bother. Though I never thought about combing forces. Next time the rain is pissing you off, don’t go inside or buy a umbrella. Just say a prayer, but complain the whole time. End it with a fist pump and a hallelujah.

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