Money, Flat Earth Society, Sock Monster


Money –Where to start with this one? I guess it’s something that pretty much everyone on earth can relate to. So it must have something going for it. Ask the Chinese what football is, and they’ll ask you what it’s like to have more than 2 children. My point is not everything goes hand in hand with us humans. But money does. Some people want money, work for money, save money, steal money, counterfeit money, lie about how much money they have, don’t care about how much money they have or don’t have. Money can be so many things. But there is one thing that money can’t be. And the answer to that is: EVIL. Money is not evil, and it is certainly not the root of all evil. In most cases money is only a single piece of paper, and it’s not even a regular size piece of paper. People are evil, and we as people, are the root of all evil. Let’s somehow imagine that money has never existed. Ok cool, newsflash, people would still be evil. And just as evil. Hell maybe even more evil. It’s easy to blame something as petty as money as the root of all evil. This makes sense, because why would anyone blame the real problem? We (humans) are the problem. We are evil. Get used to it. It’s life. It’s never going to change. Some people are more evil, some are less evil. We do not need money to be evil. We do not need greed to be evil. Now, I know by saying that the whole money is not the root of all evil thing is a broad statement. More than likely some people would like to counter it and prove I’m wrong. I’m not sure what the counter argument would be, but it wouldn’t change my mind. And this is my blog, so my mind wins.
Flat Earth Society –Yes, just Google it. Somehow these people still exist. Not really much else to say. Moving along…
The Sock Monster –I have a serious question. Does anyone else out there just randomly lose socks? Because I do. Now before we get too crazy here, I only use socks for my feet. Let’s take a look at my daily sock routine. I put a clean pair of socks on in the morning. Before I go to bed, I take those same socks off and stick them with the rest of my dirty clothes. On Sunday, I do my laundry. I take all of my dirty clothes from the week that was, and I put them in the washer. I even back trace my steps just to make sure that I didn’t drop anything. After the washing is finished making its way with my clothes, I then put the clothes into the dryer. Which is right beside the washer. Now I repeat this entire process for a month. Nothing changes. Yet somehow at the end of the month, I notice I am missing at least of couple pairs of socks. I laugh about it now, but when I realize I’ve been attacked again, I kinda get pissed. I then make my pissed off self to WalMart and buy another 10 pack of socks. What’s the point or meaning of this current blog subject? Well I can’t answer that, because there isn’t one. Actually all of my blogs are random and I really don’t give a shit about anything that I talk about. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon.

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