I’ve been a blogging machine lately. I guess I like to type or I’m just mega bored at work. Anyways, I’ll be blogging about friends today. Here it goes.
Life. It’s an interesting ride to say the least. One of the more enjoyable experiences of being alive is the joy of friendship. I say joy because I am a male, and my friends only bring me joy. If I were female, this would also include: drama, fighting, ignoring, drama etc. Oh the differences of the two opposite sexes. I’ll be blogging about that very soon.
What is a friend? That’s hard to define, and is also subject to ones opinion. So what’s my opinion of a friend? I’ll start with someone who is trustworthy. Not as in I trust this person not to eat the rest of my snickers bar, but more like I trust this dude not to convince my girlfriend that I’m ok with a friendly bj while I go to the restroom. Ok so maybe that’s not really a guideline, but you get the point. I have a very strong core group of friends, which is one thing in life that I am thankful for. All of which are trustworthy. And you can also follow most of them on twitter (@QuagmireDP @josh_its @HaloEffect01 @Bevisd01) so do it! The next rule about a friend, is that they can not be a tool. This speaks for itself. Nor can they be dumb, unless you are dumb, then it will be a perfect match. You can only have one friend who listens to country music on a regular basis, unless you listen to country music also. Then again, if you do, you are probably a girl, but I’m currently blogging about male to male friendship. Also, only one ginger friend per person. Karma doesn’t exist, but if she did, she would struggle to balance multiple gingers, so avoid it at all costs.
Of course there is more to being a friend than not being a untrustworthy tool. I try to follow the “what not to do path.” I start by thinking about girls that I know, and the friendships that they have. This is a very easy reference, and I do consider it to be an easy way out of truly trying to be a good friend. It makes being a friend way too easy. Lets look at this example for instance: Contrary to the standard female friendship rule book, you can talk to two separate friends, even if they are currently at odds with one another. Take for instance Jack who wore his blue shirt to school, when Rob very politely asked him to wear there matching red christmas sweaters. Rob is now upset with Jack and he is no longer talking him. So what are you to do? This is very easy. You can talk to both of them whenever you feel like it, just like nothing happened. And you know why? Well duh, because nothing happened. Being a male friend with another male friend is so easy almost anyone can do it, except Jack and Rob.
A few quick notes to end this… don’t make shit up so your friends think your cool. If they are your friend, you are already cool, not because you claim to climb mountains for a hobby. Actually there is never any need for exaggeration. I guess that is only one note. I’ll be back soon with a new blog, not sure about the topic yet.

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