Being a parent


Hello all and welcome to my second blog post. The good news is I still have a job writing blogs for myself, the bad news is they are still worthless. Also, I am open to any ideas to write blogs about. Just let me know if you want to hear my opinion about something, and I’ll make it happen.
This blog will be about being a parent. I’ll be sharing my story. Here it goes.
I found out I was going to be a father at a young age. 21 that is. Of course I know a lot of people become parents at a much younger age than I did, but I still consider it young. Growing up I wanted to be a parent sooner rather than later. There was always this fear inside of me of being a parent at an older age and not being able to go outside and play sports with my children. My jump into parenthood was not planned, but it also wasn’t a bad thing from my point of view. Life always throws you curveballs, and I was ready for this one.
The year: 2007, the event: The birth of my daughter. It was without a doubt the single best moment of my life. When I saw her start to emerge from the galaxy of awesomeness, I felt a feeling go through my entire body that I never felt before, and that I haven’t felt since. My life had completely changed in a single moment, and I couldn’t have been happier.
The year: 2011, the event: Raising a soon to be 4 year old. If you are reading this and you have experienced this moment before, you know whats up. Holy crap, this child is crazy. Not crazy like Charlie Sheen or Helen Keller, but a super awesome type of crazy. There is never a dull moment, well I guess except maybe for nap time, which I like to call “PS3 Time.” I probably should take a nap, but sadly I cant play my PS3 during my lifelong snooze fest, aka life after death. Nor can I play it when my daughter is awake, she just doesn’t see how Spongebob shouldn’t be on the tv 24/7.
As a child, I never really thought about what being a parent would be. I guess I never really thought about it until my super soldiers bull rushed that egg and created a very mini big bang about 5 years ago. I find it funny that things I hate in life (reading, playing with barbies and baby dolls, reading, watching nickelodeon all day, reading) I actually enjoy those activities with my daughter. Watching a child grow and learn, is simply amazing. Then again, we as humans are amazing ( Ill be blogging about that very soon).
I am excited for the upcoming days and moments in my daughters life, and I am ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. Well that’s all for this blog. I’ll be back later today another one. The next one will be about friends.

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2 Responses to Being a parent

  1. derek bevis says:

    Manscaping should be your next topic, you can some up your friends blog by saying, we all have friends, sometimes they suck, the end lol.

  2. quagmiredp says:

    Kids are crazy!!! You should write about how awesome I am. However, the Internet might run out of space before you’re done writing about me.

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